Tour Viewing on 360 degree is one of the coolest thing you should implement on your site.

How can you do it with a small buget?

  • Step 1: get a plugin on java support witch can be viewed by any browser. Three.js is one of the best because it uses WEGL as platform. It’s free.
  • Step 2: via FTP or Cpanel locateThree.js platform files on your site.
  • Step 3: Make panoramic images you desire. Panoramic or even 360 degrees images.
  • Step 4:  On your HTML pages embed the Panoramic views linked with java scripts three.js

Don’t forget to make your IFRAMES for panoramic views MOBILE RESPONSITIVE ones.

Note: on wordpress or any other web-builders you got to purchase or get services for a special 360 view plugin.

For any information please contact us

We can offer you advice and services regarding Virtual Tour implementation on your website or any other Marketing on-line services.

Here are some examples of Virtual Tour embed on a wordpress site.

[sphere 3042 autoload] [sphere 3039 autoload]