Manipulation  technics on internet


Lately, on social media bursted out a lot of articles about refugees on Europe subject. Articles describing simple people as terorist ISIS coming down in Europe only to distroy it. Maybe we don’t know the real goals of the refugees in Europe but its sure that a lot of articles are fake, designed to manipulate the reading people .

Refugees fighting the German Police, they say. A lot of frighting aligations agains refugees about their intentions and future deeds. Along with a testimonial photo as it’s shown down here.

How can we find out if this is a fake article?

  1. First save the photos on your computer or view them on a new browser tab
  2. Go to a new tab on Google – Images search section.
  3. Drag (left click) the image into the search image box

Here is an example.

You will find a lot of others articles featuring the same photo.

The same photo but the article is MUCH TOO OLD, months even years old.

A photo with says that on september 2015 the refugees are fighting against German Police…

Photo taken on 2012!!!

That’s a FAKE

This is a tutorial video and is not intended to promote politics, religions or any other social movements or believes.
Please use and treat it as it’s intended to be. An educational one.